A time witness report written by Mr. Erwin Feige (Germany)

Erwin Feige was born in the town Tilsit in East Prussia in 1935.

He lived carefree together with his parents and three siblings,notnoticing the happenings of the war. This life changed rapidly in summer 1944 because the house of the family was completely destroyed by bomb attacks.

Because the war front came closer to the town, his family (without his father) was sent to Saxony in October 1944 to be safe. (It was told only for some months.)

The first "escape" ended in the town Frankenberg in Saxony after a two-day train ride but the mother with her four children was not warmly welcomed by the allocated host family.



The Feige family was resettled a second time. The reason for that was that the war allies had fixed the borders for sharing Germany. They had to go to Thuringia and were assigned to a farmer family in the village Sirbis in September 1945.

Mr. Feige reports then about the time when he lived with the farmer.

The reader gets an impression of his school days, his friends, hisfamily, his leisure activities, but also about the hard work of his mother in this time.

Another chapter of his report tells about the return to home of his closest family members from war captivity.

An aunt of him came back from a Russian labor camp. Another aunt came also back; she had hidden from the Russian soldiers in the forest.

The family had to share a small room with the relatives coming back from war. The family had only a small amount of food,which they had to share with the relatives.

The last section of his chronicle reports about the hard time of making a new start for the family after the SecondWorld War. Fortune, diligence and deftness of his parents and his own diligence enabled him to go to high school and later to study at university.

Mr. Feige's final conclusion about the whole time is that he had a very hard time, but he likes to remember this time and thinks it is an important experience of his life.