A report written by Mrs. Danusa Permanova (Czech Republic)


The report describes Danusa Permanova`s memories of her time as a schoolchild, at the time after the second world war and her political moulding of the personality before and after the 1968`s events in her homeland.

Her parents were profoundly affected by the development of the country after 1948, after the political takeover of the communist party and the government under Klement Gottwald.


This period was shaped by acts of reprisals and denunciations towards political dissidents.

At home, one heard the programs of Austria broadcasting and also „Free Europe“ and „Voice of America“. The pupils were cleverly questioned about those news of western broadcasters by school administration and executive officers. Mrs. Permanova explains this with the specific example to the term „Potemkin villages “, which was used in the western news to describe the situation in the former CSSR.

Mrs. Permanova describes in what way the personal development of young people by the school influenced by the school. "What role was played the personal and family background by personal career, especially when the study of foreign trade is starting."

The summer of 1968 became a one big frustration. After a short period of hope of a „communism of a human face“, the armies of Warsaw Pact Stateshad invaded the Czech Republic.

The people were captured by a wave of fear to their future. She describes the events of those days with the help of the example of the city Liberec.

After those political events came up again to political and professional reprisals.

Mrs. Permanova specifically explains this in her life-situation, after she had left the communist party after the quashing of the reform movement in Prague („Prague-Spring“).

She describes her senses after the political change with liberation and with a feeling of happiness.

At last she had the possibility to work and to study abroad.

She critically considers the price of freedom.